Blue Planet Consulting is a boutique consulting firm offering a comprehensive approach to urban agriculture project development. In operation since 2014, Blue Planet has helped more than a dozen organizations and entrepreneurs determine the feasibility of their ideas, recruit talent for their projects, manage operations challenges, and validate their business plans.

Through a personalized commitment to each project, we believe we strengthen the current community of farmers and entrepreneurs, and contribute to urban food security. Our job is to jumpstart your knowledge of urban agriculture, help you navigate barriers to entry, make connections, and mitigate risk. Our consulting services are backed by several years of operations data and a team of experienced growers, engineers, and sustainability managers. 

If you are seeking expert guidance on crop selection, system design, and economics for your urban agriculture business idea, then you have come to the right place. Request a quote for a comprehensive feasibility study and know before you grow.

Feasibility Studies

The most successful urban agriculture projects do more than just grow food: they connect nature, people and the built environment. We assist you in realizing your project from the earliest stages of inception through unique layouts that reflect your project’s goals whether they are food production, education, or research. We will develop your building profile based on location, recommend crops based your market, design the systems for your operation, estimate capital and operational costs, develop labor models for the operation, and provide 3D renderings of the project. Our goal to is to provide you with the necessary information and guidance needed to make your urban agriculture project a success.


Every urban agriculture project is only as great as the team that manages it. Finding the right grower, manager, or sales and distribution team to keep your project running smoothly is no easy task. Blue Planet has been building relationships with the top talent in the sector for more than five years and has a growing database to choose from. We have created a Grower’s Network composed of skilled labor looking to join the urban agriculture space. By leveraging our partnership with the popular blog, we have access to a community of thousands of followers, many of them urban agriculture professionals.

support services

A greenhouse and vertical farm operation is a labor-intensive business. Your plants require constant care and attention. Accidents happen. Pest infestations happen. Sometimes you may need an extra set of hands or a specific set of skills to get back on track. Let us support your farm. Based on the size of your operation, we provide weekly or monthly calls, site checkups, and integrated pest management services.  

business plan validation

In an emerging industry, finding dependable data and insights to make business, investment, and project management decisions can be challenging. That’s why we use empirical data to calculate estimates of capital and operational costs as well as revenue projections. Blue Planet has been collecting data and models for estimating greenhouse and vertical farming project costs for more than three years. As a client of ours, you gain from Blue Planet’s data-driven insights to plan your project, gather funding, and determine feasibility. Just to be sure that the data will stand once a project is complete, we validate our research with our partner greenhouse operations at Stonebridge Farm in upstate New York.