OUr Previous Client work

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Farm one, NYC

Farm.one is a vertical farm bringing rare, fresh, local herbs and greens to chefs and home cooks in New York. Blue Planet consulted on rare crops research, feasibility study, and pilot farm implementation for their vertical farm. Farm.One is now operating out of the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) in Lower Manhattan.

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A large global manufacturing business hired Blue Planet to design multiple components of a Green Campus for one of their locations in China. The client wanted to create a new experience for workers as part of a new inititiative to encourage healthy and sustainable living. Blue Planet developed unique indoor farming systems that would promote a greening of the campus whilst also improve the well being of workers. Blue Planet collaborated with designers to render visuals for the client to make a case for the project to their stakeholders. The Green Campus project is planned for development in 2017. 

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henry street settlement

Blue Planet Consulting assisted one of NYC's oldest community settlements determine the feasibility of adding a 1.200 sf greenhouse to their rooftop. The study was extensive and included architectural and structural considerations as well as estimates on yields, energy use, and labor requirements. 

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cdsc food bank 

The Child Development Support Corporation is nonprofit organization operating an emergency food pantry in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. CDSC is the first food pantry to incorporate a hydroponic vertical farm into their pantry offerings. Originally built in March 2011, Blue Planet Consulting has renovated and simplified the farm operation to allow staff and volunteers grow fresh produce year-round. Interested in volunteering at the CDSC vertical farm? Sign up here.

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Square roots urban growers

Square Roots is Brooklyn's newest urban agriculture project focused on empowering 10 entrepreneurs to be local food innovators. This urban agriculture accelerator uses hydroponic vertical farming shipping containers and a jumpstart program to launch the entrepreneurs. Blue Planet consulted Square Roots through their launch on horticulture planning, training program development, and supported them with recruiting the Season 1 cohort. 


Project farmhouse hydroponic wall

Project Farmhouse is a state-of-the-art sustainability center and event space that allows New Yorkers to explore environmental issues through the lens of food, horticulture, arts, and more. Operated by GrowNYC and steps from our iconic Union Square Greenmarket, Project Farmhouse hosts workshops, galas, speakers, community meetings, and interactive exhibits. Blue Planet installed the hydroponic wall in the lobby of Project Farmhouse and maintains it on a weekly basis. This is a great example of integrating agriculture into office, hotel, and restaurant spaces. 

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seed street inc

Blue Planet advised these young impact-drive entrepreneurs on how to develop their first community-focused shipping container farm in Harlem. Also, we composed a unique experience for using the space around the container as an educational tool to inform the public on the importance of eating healthy, staying active, and supporting local agriculture.

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Sky vegetables 

Blue Planet consulted this rooftop hydroponic farm in The Bronx, NY on how to boost its operational efficiency and reach higher yields. Blue Planet provided support services around crop selection, pest management, and human resource management. Within four months of hiring Blue Planet, Sky Vegetables achieved its highest yields to date.

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north port high school sarasota, florida

Blue Planet worked with local stakeholders, including Food and Nutrition Services of Sarasota County and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation to develop a plan to bring North Port High School closer to 50% local produce procurement throughout the year. Blue Planet provided a feasibility study for a 2,880 sf hydroponic greenhouse that would supply all of the school’s lettuce.


phillips program

Phillips Programs is a private, nonprofit organization serving over 500 children and their families in the Washington metropolitan area. For more than 40 years, they have helped children where others could not — to prepare to become independent, productive young adults. Blue Planet developed a 2-year multi-stage plan for teaching STEM and job skills through hydroponic vertical farming.